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High frequency current heating technology, rapid temperature stabilization.
Backlight LCD with double temperature displays.
Smart temperature precision compensation system that ensures accurate and stable temperature.
Digital temperature calibration and password locking.
High power design with extremely high heat capacity.
Separatable design for heating element, heating sensor, and tip allows low maintenance cost.

More Features for QUICK 378 Series:

Built-in multi-function keys for precise and stable solder feeding.
Adjustable solder feeding speed, time, intervals, and have solder feed return feature.
Built-in alarm for solder blocking, and temperature monitoring.
Connectable with computer, allow real time monitoring and temperature adjustment.
Model  QUICK 262 QUICK 378 Series
eating Power  150 W 
Voltage  100 ~ 240V AC 
Soldering Pen 9015/9016/9018M/9018AM/9018BMT  9016/9018M/9018AM/9018BMT  
oldering Tip  910/911/911B/911G 911B/911G
Temperature Range  80 oC ~ 480 oC 50 oC ~ 500 oC (Max, based on selection of working mode)
Temperature Stability  ± 2 oC (Still air has no load) 
Sleep Time Range  0~99 min  
Shutdown Time Range  0~99 min  
Feeding Speed  - 1 mm/s ~ 50 mm/s
Solder Return Length  - 0 ~ 4.5 mm (Key 0 indicates no solder return) 
Solder Blocking Alarm  - 0 ~ 9 (Key 0 for no alarm, 1 for alarm once when block, and so on) 
Mass  Approx. 1 kg  Approx. 3 kg 

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