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Strong applicability, especially suitable for automatic production line assembly operations.
Flexible action, high speed, high repeated precision, and the average screwing time: less than 2s/piece.
Full three-dimensional support for high-speed continuous motion of any 3-dimensional spatial curve.
It can integrate multiple screwing process parameters, and the programming is convenient and quick.
Continuous feeding with fixed torque, having optional functions of counting, missing prevention, screw slippage and floating lock detection.
It can be equipped with visual guiding technology, which is suitable for sites where the workpiece or tool accuracy is not high, to effectively improve the work quality.
Extensible real-time torque detection module for process monitoring.

Modal QUICK ES7673Y
Number of Axes 3-axis SCARA + electric screwdriver screwing shaft + double Y
Voltage 100-240 V AC
Shaft Specifications SCARA Arm length: 600 mm
Rotation range: ± 140o
Z Axis 100 mm
Double Y Axes 600 mm
Repeated Positioning Accuracy SCARA ± 0.02 mm
Z Axis
Double Y Axes`
Max. Speed SCARA 600 mm/sec
Z Axis 300 mm/sec
Double Y Axes 1000 mm/sec
Handpiece Load Rated Value 5 kg
Max. Value About 2s /pcs
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 1000 * 1400 * 2010 mm

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