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Closed loop of sensor, temperature controlled by micro-computer zero voltage triggering, accurate and stable, not affected by air volume.
LCD display, large power, rapid heating.
Double vortex fan, soft air volume causing no damage to the components.
SMT technology, stable and reliable performance.
Cold air step can prolong the lifetime of heater and protect the unit.
Various nozzles available, suitable for desoldering many kinds of components.
Applications: Heat shrinkage, drying, paint removal, defrostation, preheating, sterilizing, copper soldering, adhesive soldering etc.

Power Consumption: 1800 W (Max)
Temperature Range: 50 ℃ - 600 ℃
Air Volume: 180 L / min (I step, cold air); 200 L / min (II step, hot air); 400 L / min (III step, hot air)
Indicator: LCD
Resolution: ±1 ℃
Noise: ≤ 70 dB
Weight: About 1.25 kg

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