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Three regular channels are “CH1”, “CH2” and “CH3”. Each channel’s parameters including temperature and airflow can be set.
Password protection and key-lock functions.
Real time operation by the magnetic switch. It will enter sleeping state when the handle is placed on holder.
Auto sleeping function. Parameters can be set in sleeping state.
Closed loop sensor. Temperature can be controlled by zero voltage triggering modes, and adjusted conveniently, accurate and stable, not affected by airflow.
Large power, rapid heating.
A multipurpose unit, having brushless whirlpool motor, wide range and stepless adjustable airflow.
An automatic cooling system can prolong the life time of heating element and protect the handle.

Power: 1000 W
Voltage: AC 220 V
Temperature range: 100 ℃ - 500 ℃
Airflow range: 1 - 120
Maximal airflow: 120 L / min
Size: 188(L) * 245(D) * 135(H) mm
Weight: 3.65 kg

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