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Hot air convection heating in the top and bottom central areas.
Fully simulating the SMT reflow soldering heating temperature and programmable in adjustment.
Three-axis precision motion of QUICK robot platform structure and programmable moving position.
QUICK cycle heating temperature control system, real-time monitoring of heating temperature, safe and efficient.
Multiple specifications of solder removal heads and glue removal heads optional.

With the intensive BGA application design and the pursuit of higher BGA rework yield in recent years, the traditional manual solder removal cannot meet the process requirements; QUICK EA-F16 automatic solder removal equipment meets the requirements for personnel, reduces the using amount of solder sucking lines and solder wires and minimizes the occupational hazards caused by manual solder removal in the BGA solder removal process; with specially designed non-contact nozzle and strong suction, it has become a type of innovative product featuring soldering pad cleaning, oxidation avoidance, no soldering pad damage, solder residues collection and safe operation. 
Model EAF16
Power Supply 220 V AC 50 Hz
General Power 2600 W (Max)
Top Hot Air Heating Power 1200 W (Max)
Bottom Preheating Power 1200 W (Max)
Max. PCB Size 300 mm * 350 mm (Max)
Heating Movement Stroke 350 mm * 400 mm (Max)
Movement Accuracy ± 0.02 mm
Weight About 135 kg
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 800 * 760 * 1030 mm

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