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Touch screen design, with functions of reset, start point correction, counting display, etc., easy and fast operation.
The X / Y axis adopts linear double slide ways design, having strong load capacity and better stability.
With the hybrid servo motor closed-loop control design, it has strong overload capability, low noise and more accurate speed control.
The Z axis adopts double slide ways + lead screw design and has strong load capacity.
The Z axis adopts the brake stepping motor, and the power-off automatic brake is safe and reliable.
According to different process requirements, different operation modes such as air suction, air blowing, and air blowing & suction can be selected.
Double Y axes design, higher efficiency.

Number Of Axes 3 axes
Voltage 100 – 240 V AC
Stroke X Axis 500 mm
Y Axis 400 mm
Z Axis 100 mm
Shaft Driving Speed Range X/Y Axis 0.1-1000 mm/sec
Z Axis 0.1-300 mm/sec
Repeated Positioning Accuracy X/Y/Z Axis ± 0.02 mm
Y Axis Load Rated Value 5 KG
Maximum Value 10 KG
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 700 * 700 * 700 mm


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