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Touch screen design, with functions of reset, start point correction, counting display, etc., easy and fast operation.
The X / Y axis adopts linear double slide ways design, having strong load capacity and better stability.
Hybrid servo motor closed-loop control design, strong overload capability, low noise and more accurate speed control.
Z axis adopts double slide ways + lead screw design, having strong load capacity.
The Z axis adopts the brake stepping motor, and the power-off automatic brake is safe and reliable.
The Z-axis and the screwing mechanism are designed separately, and can be applied to the screwing of different planes of the same product.
According to the process requirements, different operating modes such as air suction, air blowing, and air blowing & suction can be selected.

Number Of Axes 3 axes
Voltage 100 – 240 V AC
Stroke X Axis 400 mm
Y Axis 400 mm
Z Axis 100 mm
Shaft Driving Speed Range X/Y Axis 0.1-1000 mm/sec
Z Axis 0.1-300 mm/sec
Repeated Positioning Accuracy X/Y/Z Axis ± 0.02 mm
Y Axis Load Rated Value 5 KG
Maximum Value 10 KG
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 620 * 750 * 700 mm

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